Award winning Broadcast Media Professional:
A highly skilled Broadcast Media Professional and recipient of Ted Rogers’s Impression Award; ECO Televisa’s (Mexican TV) Best Journalist Award; 72 Hrs. non-stop International Gurbani Competition (Sikh Religion); and Certificate of World Record Achievement (Guinness World Record). With more than 40 years of National and International Broadcasting experience working with diverse communities in Canada, South Asia, Middle East and Far East; I am confident, with my innovative ideas and creative approach we can make a Positive impact in the society.

My success and accomplishments are driven by embodying and upholding values, which include diversity, creativity, integrity, exclusiveness and relevance that thrives on making connections and telling stories that are important to Canadian. I have first-hand experience working with numerous Tribal Communities in South Asia, Bedouin Tribes in Oman & United Arab Emirates; and Religious Communities, Race, Culture and Gender, in Canada, South Asia and Middle East. 

I am highly experienced in developing, supporting and coordinating a wide range of innovative communication tactics and marketing related special projects and initiatives by developing and bringing real life experience point of view and expertise that will enrich programming. I have excellent cross-cultural skills and the ability to foster strong relationships with diverse partners in connecting with a broad range of communities.

I have covered various events from War; Earthquake; Sectarian Violence; 2006 Blockade of Highway 6 over the Grand River by Six Nations protestors; G-7 Summit; IMF Summit; Gang Rapes; 1984 Communal Violence between Hindus and Sikhs after the Assassination of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi; 1992 Communal Violence between Hindus and Muslim after the Demolition of Babri Mosque in India; 2003 Invasion of Iraq (Iraq War); 1999 Plane Hijack by Taliban Militia; 1996 Charkhi Dadri mid-air collision Plane Crash; 1993 Latur earthquake (India) 10,000 people died; to name a few.

I have worked on various levels of Broadcast Media in Canada and Internationally. I have traveled widely and have lived & worked in Canada, Middle East and Asia region. Some of the top Television Channels that I have worked are Al Jazeera (Arabic Channel); CBC/Radio-Canada; Rogers Sports & Media (OMNI & Rogers TV); ECO Televisa (Spanish Channel); RAI TV (Italian TV); TF1 (Télévision française 1); (Germany’s leading media); Advertising International Co. SAOG (Oman); Aaj Tak-India Today group (Hindi News & Current Affairs); infotainment Television Pvt. Limited (English News & Current Affairs); Jain Studios-Jain Satellite Channel; Asian Games-New Delhi.

Volunteer: The Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA):
Providing humanitarian aid and development assistance to other countries, with focus on developing countries aiming to combat poverty through promotion of Human Rights, Economic Growth and Eradication of Leprosy as a public health problem and monitoring and assessing the impact of Vaccinations in Health Systems Reform and Ethics and other childhood interventions in Poor Urban Neighbourhoods in India, Indonesia and Thailand.